Monday, January 31, 2011

Counting Down!!!

A ridiculously mere TWO weeks from now I'll be just getting back from my first hike at *The Ridge* (nickname for the resort). And I know I'll be suffering and in pain - I'll be grumpy and cranky and wondering why the hell I signed up for this. And as weird as it sounds, I'm actually looking forward to it! 

A motto of the Ridge is:


It's a biggie - and I hear that the trainers and hiking guides say it a LOT. It means physical discomfort, obviously - but really it's talking about emotional and mental discomfort - and I know this is what I need. The life I've created for myself is very unhealthy on many different levels, but it's also very comfortable. And although I'm tolerating a lot of thoughts and habits that are negative, they are also familiar and feel safe. But tolerating just isn't cutting it anymore - I know it's destructive and will lead to nothing but more sadness, disappointment and some very scary health risks.

So, crazy as it sounds... I'm excited about getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my self-imposed limits and seeing what I'm able to accomplish!  


I'm SO excited :)


  1. "The Ridge"... I LOVE the nickname! :)

  2. Your excitement is contagious! I am excited for you.

  3. I'll be counting down the days with you, Les, and I'll be cheering you on too! xoxo

  4. I think the most confortable part of the trip will be the airplane seats! SEE YOU THERE!

  5. I hear the saying, "Learn to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation" all the time in bikram yoga. (Yoga where the room is heated to over 40 celsius - and let me tell you - it is UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!) Anyways, I've learned that when I'm uncomfortable, I just tell myself to just stick with it for 30 more seconds, and when the 30 second is up, I convince myself of another 30 seconds and eventually time is up. As for emotional/mental discomfort - I use the same thinking...."It doesn't last forever". Just remember, small steps. You can do it Les!

    Another saying from my yoga practice, "It is better to suffer for 90 minutes then for 90 years" (Bikram yoga is 90 minutes in length).


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