Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 17

I had a GREAT day!!! My hike was a hard one but it felt *easy* for me today!! The last big push was a big uphill climb and I speed walked (sped walked?) up that baby! I had another girl with me who likes to go fast and she was behind me, and I decided to go as fast as I could without stopping... I really feel I could have run up that hill! Heart rate was high, but breathing was regular and my legs felt *normal* - cant tell you how wonderful it felt!

After lunch I took kickboxing - which I've learned I absolutely LOVE... love punching and kicking that bag.... and the sweat just pours.... you burn a LOT of calories in that class.. but maybe I just like to punch out all that pent up aggression and frustration :)

I then took 2 pool classes back to back (my knee is still hurting a bit and I didn't want to run or even walk on the treadmill today).... I love the pool class, as although it's easy to slack off in there, it's also really easy to push myself and really get a great workout. 

I was also told TWICE today by 2 different people what a great athlete I am.... ATHLETE!!! ME!!!! In my mind, I was once an athlete... like a million years ago.. well, maybe 22 years, but really, since I stopped playing soccer, I've never felt athletic. I've always been competitive, but my weight has held me back from enjoying a lot of activities, and especially sports. I remember playing Ultimate Frisbee in my 20s, but I was crippled by my lack of belief in my abilities, and always felt I was just there because they needed the numbers, and not because I was a good player.

Anyway.... it feels really great to get back in touch with this part of myself, and feels really REALLY great to feel so powerful and strong. A different person even commented today *wow, Leslie, I don't think I ever see you rest!*.... it was a great compliment!

So, a great day. And just for icing on the cake, I've made some great friends this week... this week's group has a completely new vibe to it. I really miss the laughs and camaraderie at the mealtimes that I had with the group of people I started here with, but I've found a few kindred spirits who are here for the same reasons I am.... it's funny how I can pick 'em out of a crowd - the keeners who really do want to change - like me!!

Here are a few pics from our hike... it started raining again today - I'm kinda getting used to it!

Leslie xo

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  1. so great to hear you gaining CAPACITY -and the feeling of strength - a great athlete is one in tune with their body and you are there. So neat to see you enjoying the roses (flowers) on your journey- so important in life!!! Love the photos and your messaging - you have talent, GO GIRL!! and stay strong - it only gets better!!!


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