Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 26

Well hello there...... how are YOU doing?!

I'm doing great!!! Today I worked out on the Jacob's Ladder with a few friends... we took turns going for 2 minutes each... killer!! Picture proof below :)

Then my friend Mindy and I went to get our hair done. I got mine cut and blown out straight - it was a real treat! I spent the rest of the day organizing my room - will pack up tomorrow.... unbelievable - it really feels impossible I've been here 4 weeks. A friend of mine commented that she'll be sorry to see my biggest loser posts ends, and so will I. Writing here has become part of my therapy, and has definitely enriched my experience. I don't think I would have gotten as much out of this place if I hadn't been writing every night. And I'm so thrilled that my posts have had such a positive impact on people - it feels great to be helping myself AND others at the same time!! I've been told a couple of times the last few days that I seem so happy and *together*.... and I was called a *calming influence* among the new guests this week... isn't that great?! I take it as a great compliment. It's wonderful to both FEEL so great and then to be able to help others on their journeys....

On to the physical..... I've been told that the problem I'm having with my knees is probably NOT due to an injury to my MCL ligaments... as the chiropractor told me it takes a big trauma or hit to hurt these, and it is extremely rare that both are affected at the same time.... SOOO he thinks it's bursitis, or the formal name is *Pes Anserine Bursitis*. When I looked it up it describes my pain perfectly and it's caused by either overuse or too much impact due to being overweight especially when running... ding ding ding..... sounds like me! The bad part is that the only cure is staying off them and icing. I'm worried because I DON'T want to get home injured and not be able to exercise, and it's not like I can totally stay off my feet over the next couple of days, but oh well, I'll do the best I can and hope for the best. It messes up my exercise plan I'd formulated for my first couple of weeks at home, but maybe I'll postpone my gym program and stick to core training and pilates, strength training and stretching for the first week or so.

Tomorrow morning I get weighed in and measured.... I'll post up my *numbers* here tomorrow with a recap of my 4 weeks..... exciting stuff!!

Good night!
Leslie xo


  1. Thank you for all of your support. Hope I can pass it on to another "lost" newbie in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, your hair looked adorable at dinner tonight and I will miss walking into the dining room and seeing "your crew". I promise to cry a lot with "Crying Girl 1". Safe travels home, good luck and thank you for everything. Noelle

  2. Leslie, you look so gorgeous with your new doo! Thanks for all the posts on your blog, it really inspires me. I wish you all the best in your continued journey. I think you will be so amazing in what ever you set out to do.

    I feel so fortunate to have met you, and spent time together. Best Wishes,
    Big Hugs and safe travels.


  3. Wow! This has been an amazing journey! I have been inspired to make some changes too, and it really is thanks to you - so THANK YOU!

    You look sooo healthy, happy and alive! I think you're going to do a great job staying focused on your goals when you get home. This has been a super jump-start on your journey.

  4. hey les, you can still run, but without impact!! yup, it's true, i know this now because i am currently off with an injury and have found the alternative thankfully.......deep water running! so, in the deep end, with a floaty belt and ya run! you don't go far and don't move fast, but the cardio is the same due to the resistance, AND there is NOOOOOO impact on knees. (i've also done combined the running with a few deep water aquasize classes too). the one thing dif is the scenery of the beautiful outdoors. be kind to your knees, let them recover but go ahead and water run then, ice ice ice!

    have a safe trip home!!!

    shell xo

  5. Beautiful pic Les. You have had an amazing journey. xo

  6. Love the hair, Les, looks great, as do you - you're positively glowing! As I've said in my emails, thanks for all these blogs you've written, for sharing your "journey" like this - so impressed by all you've done and so happy to hear of all your many, many successes.
    Have a wonderful final day there, and look forward to hearing more when you're home. :-) Love, Joanne


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