Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 10

So, this will be short... I'm tired!

I was THRILLED to hear that our van was going to the Beach today... I did this hike on my 2nd day here and it's a relatively easy one, and after being psyched out yesterday, it was the perfect hike for me today! It was also a beautiful sunny day (last week it was foggy) and I had a great time. I also did great this afternoon - in cardio today we did *Mountain*, where you continually increase speed or incline for 12 intervals - all 3 minutes each. Hard!! I really tried to push myself again and sprinted my last 3 minute interval.

I also had a chiropractic appointment today and it was fantastic.... my right hip is really tight (has been since my first pregnancy) and he was able to loosen it up.... awesome!

I sat with Brendan from the Biggest Loser yesterday for lunch and got some dirt on the show... if you watch it, you know that the contestants lose a ton or weight (sometimes 30+ pounds) their first week.... WELL, that first weigh-in is actually a MONTH after they start!! After that, they do try to keep to 7-9 days, but the contestants never know WHEN they will be weighed in... they're weighed in in the morning and then that weigh-in segment is taped at night with the *fake* scale. Also, he talked about the extreme lengths the last 3 contestants go to get themselves to their lowest weight for the finale... they are extremely dehydrated and a lot of them go on liquid diets in the weeks leading up to it... and because they were getting so extreme/sick for that finale, the producers changed it so that they actually get weighed in the Saturday before so they can drink and eat and look *normal* for the actual finale and the fake scale... he said some people actually weigh up to 20  pounds more by the time they tape - 4 days later!! There was a lot of other stuff he talked about - I felt bad because I'm sure he gets those questions all the time! He's a really great guy.... says he's just a regular guy who got lucky and was able to transform his life.

Ok, that's it for me - time for bed! I've added some pics from the beach below - I was going to include a video I took, but ALL you can hear during it is my crazy heavy breathing (we'd just reached the top of the cliff)!! Hilarious (and embarrassing!)

Hope everyone is well!

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  1. I do watch that show! I noticed them wearing girdles at the last season finale.

    I now want to go to the beach after your photos! Rest up and be well.

    jen xo


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