Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 12

Oh my, this has been a hard day!!

It started off great..... I did the Zuma Straight-through.... which means we did the Zuma hike I did last week and then added on 4 miles of uphill - with a van picking us up on the other side. So we hiked almost 7 miles and our elevation change was a total of 2900 feet - in 2 hours! And I did great!!! Even though it was raining, windy and freezing - I don't remember the last time I was so cold. I got back, had a long hot shower, went to Stretch and then lunch and then I just felt BLAH. I was probably tired, but I just felt *done* for the day. I went to one afternoon class and then slept the rest of the afternoon!

I saw the life coach this morning, and it was a great session.... she was able to illuminate some things for me - things I hadn't realized. I need to go through these and process them a bit, and then will write about them here.  I honestly just don't feel like doing it today... as I said I feel blah. First time I've felt that since I've been here, but I'm just going with it. Luckily, I don't have access to any food, as I KNOW I would be eating right now if it was possible. Instead, I'm going to go to bed early so that I can't obsess about it.

I think I'm also feeling a bit down because I'll be losing a bunch of friends tomorrow and Sunday. I knew I'd meet good friends here, but they really have become my support system, and I have so much fun with them. And although I do know a lot of the *new* people, it's funny how it seems harder to bond with them... they are all bonded in the excited nervousness of being here for their first week, and I'd say 90% of them were only here for one week anyway. So it will be interesting to see how my next 2 weeks will go.  I really have come to rely on these great friends for the laughter and support we give each other.

OK, enough of Debbie Downer here!! I'm going to go and sleep this off and hopefully will feel refreshed and differently tomorrow.... oh, and for those people who were jealous of my sunny vacation in southern California, DON'T BE!!! It's supposed to be about 3 degrees here this weekend and it may even snow!!! The warmest article of clothing I brought was a hoodie. Hmmmm - perhaps the crazy weather is contributing to my mood today!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. sending you some hugs, les! :) xo

  2. you look so happy in your pictures, and by the way I never seen so many lovey photos of just you! Be kind to yourself... you're getting stronger every day!

    love and xo Sue

  3. Loving your blog! I will be in Malibu tomorrow--looking forward to meeting you :)

    DeAnna Dorris Eklund

  4. Cheering you on Les. Keep up the hard work. You are doing amazing!


  5. Every time I read your blog Les, you help me learn something about myself. You truly are an inspiration, thank-you! Keep up the great work! Love you, Melissaxo

    ps - I can't figure out how to be anything other than anonymous! I will figure it out eventually! :)


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