Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 14 - 2nd day of rest

Hey everyone,

Well, here I go again!!! Going into week 3 and I THINK I'm ready. Looking forward to my assessment hike tomorrow and will be glad to get back into being physical again... it's a great distraction! Not that I think distraction is the best thing right now, but I want to get my head back into an empowered state!!

My HURDLE yesterday. It's almost like I was waiting for it to happen, and after being able to process it, I AM glad it did. If I didn't experience any big struggles here, it may have hit me a LOT harder once I experienced them at home. The important thing I'm concentrating on is that the aftermath of the sneaking/eating of food was different. I admitted what I had done, and I have to move on with that.

I also took everything I didn't eat last night and threw it out this morning as soon as I woke up. This was instead of having junk to *enjoy* all day today with the thought of starting new on Monday. I decided to start new today. Another first!

I spent the day cleaning and organizing and just relaxing - read a magazine by the pool in the sun (albeit under a towel because it was so chilly!). Tonight we welcomed all the new guests.... there are 2 new guests from Canada – woohoo! But it was a little bit of a letdown that most of the stay-over guests left before orientation to watch the Oscars, so there were only 5 of us left to welcome and give advice to the new people. I thought that was a little lame. There are a bunch of 2-weekers this week, so hopefully I'll get to know them as they'll be here for the rest of my stay!

Ok, off to get all my gear ready for the hike tomorrow and to write out some goals for the week.

Thanks for all the positive response :)


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  1. Have you hit Jacobs Ladder yet? That is a good goal. You already accomplished the hardest hike there (Zuma Through). Sit yourself with the two weekers at meals. Hopefully some of them will be in your hiking group. :)


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