Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3.......

......aka what they call here *the hardest day*.... and it was hard, but fun too!!!

Our hike was really great, although it would have been even better if we weren't hiking in muck!! It was pouring for most of it, so that was interesting.... I didn't take my camera as I was worried about getting it wet, so no hike pics today... but I took a few more pictures of my surroundings - see below. You'll also see my schedule for today which I carry around my neck on a lanyard with my room key and name tag... there's not a lot of downtime, which is I'm sure on purpose, as once you're in your room after a pool class, it's hard to strip down, dry off and get a new outfit on in just 8 or 9 minutes... if I had more time in there to relax, I'm sure it would be easy to talk myself into skipping the next class!

Did I mention that housekeeping visits everyday - makes my bed and cleans my bathroom.. can you say HEAVEN!! It's weird not to have to think about cleaning and making meals, and who should be doing what.... it's weird but definitely nice - I'm not complaining!

OK, sorry - not a lot to say today... am really tired. I should have more time next week since I wont have lectures after lunch and dinner. I want to spend some time processing what I'm going through here and write about it ...

Leslie xo


  1. oh my gosh! your room looks fantastic, the view is gorgeous, and the food looks really yummy!!! thinking ofyou, les! xoxo

  2. Maid service :) have you been kickboxing yet? That looks very cool. Rest up and be well.

    jen xo


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