Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2!

Well, I survived! It was definitely harder today as every muscle in my body seemed to rebel against the simple act of MOVING, but the 6am stretch class really helped that.

The hike we did today was the beach hike and it was a great 2nd day hike, as there wasn't a ton of incline. It was only about 3 miles, but it was in the SAND.... and it was damn hard. It got easier though, once all those sand-walking muscles realized there was no way around it, and they kicked in - and I found the incline (although small, STEEP!) - easier today. Trick I use is to start controlling my breathing before I start going up and then just concentrate on that... works for me so far! I was proud of myself today, too, as most people chose to walk back to the van on the road, but I walked back in the was hard, but hey, I'm here to do some hard stuff!

So today I am tired with a capital T.... it's been go go go and today seemed way longer than yesterday, and I have to admit, my smile wasn't AS big :) But I'm enjoying everything and plan to attend every class and work this program until it works on me... today I did the hike for just over 2 hours, learned how to use free weights, spent 45 minutes in the pool, 45 minutes doing interval training and 45 minutes doing a total body toning class.... plus 2 lectures. By 7pm you really are exhausted, but it's a good exhausted... feels great being physically tired instead of just emotionally/ mentally tired AND tired just because you're so out of shape.. you know? I wore my heart rate monitor today and according to it I burned over 10,000 calories!! That's CRAZY!!!

It started raining last night and it was misty and foggy all day today... supposed to be the same for the next couple of days, which sort of sucks, but really I don't mind...I find it easier to hike when it's a bit cooler and found the mist refreshing!! The pool here is outdoor, but heated, so even when the weather isn't warm, the water feels great. If I was only here for a week, I'd probably be a bit more disappointed about the rain, but I'm sure I'll see a lot more sunny days :)

Last thing before I head to bed... the food has been AMAZING!! I am seriously so full after each meal and cant believe we only consume approx 1300 calories a day (meals plus snack on the hike)... truly. The AMOUNT of food on your plate in unbelievable and because it's so high fiber and dense nutritionally, you feel really full...haven't felt hungry yet!!! I've included a few pictures in the slideshow below to give you an idea.

OK off to bed.... see you tomorrow!

PS - I cant believe there have been over 1300 views of my blog!!!


  1. Hey, I thought I just commented.....

    So to reiterate. I love that you find the time to share the blog postings AND pictures. So great to see what you are up to, and what you are eating (yum, yum).

  2. You ARE doing it!! I'm so proud of you!!!! Everything sounds incredible, Les, and the food looks amazing (I'll need some recipes when you get home!!). Is it like the show in that they do a "weigh in" once a week (albeit I suspect not so public?)?
    Sending you tons of love and good vibes, as my friend Deanna would say!

  3. The food looks really great, and the weather is probably a bit of a blessing: it's cooler that way, AND your tan will sneak up on you! :-) So, you took the beach back instead of the road? That says a lot about your commitment to the program, and to YOURSELF! Thanks for blogging; this is very, very inspirational.

  4. You Rock, seriously. And I really really want those quinoa wraps! I thought I was the only freak who used lettuce for wraps. Glad you survived day two. The scenery alone would make me want to be outside all day long!



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